20 Nov

Arenas of Eternity is a trading card video game developed by Malkyrs Studio, an independent game development studio located in Caen, France. The main concept of Arenas of Eternity is that you play with real cards using a NFC card reader link to your PC.   


My missions :

As a Software Quality Intern, my main mission was to design and implement unit tests on the Game Engine to detect and solve problems present in the game.

In addition of the unit tests, I had to implement other tools necessary for the software quality, like Nuget Package Management or a card testing application.


What I learned :

This first internship in the video game industry helped me to develop my social and technical skill.

To design the tests, I had to go through most of the existing code of the engine, and understand it to make efficient unit tests. This task highly improved my ability to analyze and comprehend a code I did not write. I worked with low-level code like the management of the NFC card storage and with higher-level when working with the code interacting with Unity.

Being in a small indie studio, I had the opportunity to work directly with Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer, Artists etc...

Discussing with more experienced programmers and asking them questions when I had trouble was really interesting. It improved my coding skills and I learned a lot about the job.

I also had the luck to participate in many playtests with a Game Designer and to discuss with him on how we could enhance the game. It was really great to understand how Game Design works in reality.         

Finally, I learned how to use many project tools like Git/BitBucket, Podio, Visual Studio 2017 which is a for more interesting IDE that the one I was used to. I learned how to work in a team, respecting deadlines, asking and answering questions about the project and above all, writing code that other developers could understand.



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