30 May

Shooter.exe is a boss-rush / shooter game made with Unity and Tiled where the player must fight some of the most famous manga characters. In this game, you have five levels, each one is composed by one boss always stronger than the previous one. 

The gameplay is simple, you have to dodge the boss attacks and shoot it, each boss has its own skills inspired by his way of fighting in the manga/anime. In addition to its basic attack, each boss has a super and special attack. Each boss has a different shooting rate, a different movement speed, differents cooldowns for super and special attacks and a different amount of Health Points.

A part of the assets used in the game come directly from the animes ( Boss sprites for example ). I was seeking visuals i could use and sent them to a friend, Adrien Chevalier, who made the visuals usable in the game, The other assets come from opengameart.org. All the sounds, level's musics, attack's sounds ans boss voices come from the animes too except Dio's music fight which is a remix made by Xarlable named Nazareth Crusaders.

I made this game to learn how to use Unity and see what I was capable to do in game programming and game design. I choosed to focus on simple gameplay mechanics to create a game both easy to play and challenging and throughout development, I made my friends play to see what worked and what I needed to improve.

This game is not made for commercial uses, I do not own any of the license I use.

You can download Shooter.exe here : https://kargan.itch.io/shooterexe


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